Friday, January 22, 2010

'Pop' goes the assignment

I love the MT program for a lot of reasons but one of the best is collaborating with instructors.  It’s very rewarding to be involved in the ground-level planning in some of the classes.

For example, I recently had the opportunity to pull many ‘toy and movable books’ (aka, pop up books, books with movable bits such as maps and fold out papers, envelops with letters, etc.) for two instructors. Their idea was to inspire their students with lots of remarkable resources to show how their work could be presented in innovative ways – not necessarily just as written text but perhaps incorporating artwork, too.  After lots of discussion, the instructors decided to include more than just the pop up books and bring in books with various, unusual ways to tell a story.

Wow!  This threw it wide open for me and the resources which I could pull.

Check out some of the following titles:

Archie’s War  (823 W6741A PIC BK)
Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure  (576.82 WoC 2009)
Trail  (736.98 PeT 2007 PIC BK)
600 Black Spots  (411 CaS 2007 PIC BK)
Quest for the Lost City of Gold  (793.93 BiQ 2008 PIC BK)
Blue Lipstick  (811 GrB 2007)
I Live Here  (305.906 KiI 2008)
The Jolly Postman   (823 Ah47J5 1999 PIC BK)
The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam  (793.8 FlM 2007)
The Black Book of Colors   (535.6 CoB 2008 PIC BK)
The Night Life of Trees  (398.20954 ShN 2006 PIC BK)



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