Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ewww! Yuck! --- Let me see that!

Don’t ever underestimate the gross factor as a way to get kids interested and engaged in a topic.

The following resources have potential for grossing out and attracting at the same time.  Funny how a lot of them relate to bodily functions, isn’t it?


Nonfiction books and kits (for elementary and middle school)
*Animal scat identification kit (599 AN 2008 A/V)
*Black spider puppet (791.53 SP 2005 A/V)
*Bug science: 20 projects and experiments about arthropods : insects, arachnids, algae, worms, and other small creatures (595 YOB 2009)
*Left for dead: a young man's search for justice for the USS Indianapolis (940.545973 NEL 2002) (suggested for grades 9 and up)
*Man eating bugs: the art and science of eating insects (394.1 MEM 1998)
*Oh, rats!: the story of rats and people (599.352 MAO 2006)
*Ouch!: how your body makes it through a very bad day (612 WAO 2007)
*Poop: a natural history of the unmentionable (573.49 DAP 2004)
*Qwiggle-gel brain mold (612.82 QW 2005 A/V)
*Rear ends: found photos from the collection of Roger Handy (779 RE 2007)
*Snake (597.96 MAS 2006)
*Sneeze! (612.2 SIS 2007)
*What stinks? (573.877 SIW 2006)
*What's eating you?: parasites--the inside story (578.65 DAW 2007)
*What's living in your classroom? (579 SOW 2004)

Picture books
*Big Al (823 C591B PIC BK)
*I stink! (823 M229I PIC BK)
*Mucky moose (823 AL533M PIC BK)
*What's that awful smell? (823 T236W PIC BK)


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