Thursday, November 25, 2010

I repeat…

Last February I wrote about The Rabbits by John Marsden and how one student-teacher thought the book worked really well with his Grade 3/4 students for social studies.

I’ve just had it pointed out that a teacher at the Calgary Science School also used this book in a Grade 7 Humanities class.  It was used as a resource to help the students understand that history is told from a particular point-of-view.  In this case, the students took a page from the book and reinterpreted the story from the Rabbits’ perspective.  The original story is told from the perspective of the indigenous people and the impact the Rabbits have on their environment and culture.

Parallels were made with Canadian history so that students could develop their understanding of alternate perspectives and perhaps see how misunderstandings occur and their consequences.
 See the students' reinterpretation at Grade 7 Remixing Historical Perspective.

I just love how this book offers opportunities to see ourselves, history and world views in new ways, and so creatively, too.


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