Thursday, December 9, 2010

Book swap wrap-up.

Just a word about the book swap I was recently involved in.   Okay, two words – Very Cool!

Zoe Toft, host of  Playing By the Book ,organized an international book swap.
The idea behind the swap was to pick a favorite picture book and send it to a designated recipient (in my case, Polly in North Wales, also a blogger) and then wait to receive a favorite picture book from them.

So, I'm now the delighted owner of  Josephine Wants to Dance by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. It's wonderful.

This is a very cute story of a kangaroo who wants nothing more than to dance, dance, dance.  When a lead ballerina in a visiting ballet company twists her ankle Josephine bounds in to save the day, realizing her dream to perform, pink tutu, ballet shoes and all. The naysayers (Kangaroos don’t dance, Josephine) including her brother are shown that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and take the occasional risk.

I loved the illustrations, as well.  Josephine sneaking into town and hiding behind trees and lampposts to watch a ballet practice is picture-perfect.

Very enjoyable especially for ages 5-7.

The books I sent to Polly are still in transit, unfortunately.  Hopefully, they will have arrived by the new year.  Gotta love Canada Post during the holidays.

Can't wait to do this again.  Great fun.


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