Thursday, January 13, 2011

The write stuff or…just writing stuff

Do most bloggers feel like this after reaching the one year mark – “Wow! I made it!  Who knew?”

Tomorrow will be the first year anniversary for Apples with Many Seeds.

Pretty cool year, too.  A bit of a learning curve at the start, mind you.  Much like Jack who begins to learn about, and eventually appreciate, poetry in Love that Dog by Sharon Creech, I had to learn about what goes into starting and maintaining a blog, developing ideas and just sitting down and doing it.

 Then there was the whole ‘finding my voice’ thing, kinda like Duck in Duck’s Tale by Harmen van Straaten, who, upon finding a pen, now thinks he has all he needs to write a story worth reading.  It’s about the uncertainty of the writing process.  Would people ‘out there’ find what I had to say interesting or relevant?

Though, I am unlike Michael Maxwell McCallum in Perfect Man by Troy Wilson, in one way (he must find his own ‘superpower’ and become the writer he’s meant to be), I have had encouragement from many people, like Michael gets from his favorite teacher.  (I’d like to acknowledge the Director of the Doucette Library, Barb Brydges, as a fabulous editor and thank her for continuing to correct my commas or lack thereof).
Writing this blog has turned out to be a great way to channel my passion for children’s literature and other awe-inspiring resources. I can relate to Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney and hope that the ‘seeds’ (be they pomegranates or lupines) sown here, will help anyone involved with teaching and learning find engaging materials for kids and perhaps, themselves.

                    Out of our writer mouths
                    Will come clouds
                    Rising to the sky
                    Dropping rain words below.
                    And when the clouds leave
                    The sun will shine down word
                    After word
                    After word
                    Planting our stories in the earth.
                                        (from: Word after word after word 
                                                                        by Patricia MacLachlan)


Jesse Keller said...

Congratulations on your first year! It's be a nice connection back to the Doucette for me during my first year "out there".. finally got my first subbing assignments this week! Your comments in this post about tentative, sometimes stumbling starts couldn't be more relevant to the teaching profession! Keep up the great work!


Tammy Flanders said...

Congratulations to you, too, Jesse.
Great that you're teaching.
I'm glad you've found the blog worthwhile. Thanks for the comment.
Cheers, Tammy

Betsy Parkes said...

Happy Anniversary! I just discovered your site and am glad you are continuing on to year two. You have some great finds on here.

I just added you to my favorites!

Betsy Parkes

Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks so much, Betsy. I appreciate you stopping by and adding me to your favorites list. I just popped into your website, out of curiosity and will add you to my website list, as well. I quite like your lists with book suggestions. Some I knew but many I didn't. I'll be back.
Thanks again.

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