Thursday, October 6, 2011

Odd Bean Out

Bean Thirteen by Matthew McElligott (513.21 McB 2007 PIC BK) is a cute story about two bugs, Ralph and Flora, a pile of beans and a for dinner party for six.

Ralph and Flora have a problem. The thirteen beans they gathered won’t split evenly between the two of them, leaving an unlucky thirteenth bean. Flora starts inviting friends over to help them with their problem but still they have one bean left over. An accident scatters the beans, messing up the six neat piles of two beans plus one. Hastily gathered together, the beans are placed in a single dish where the six critters ending up helping themselves to however many beans they want to eat. And, somehow all the beans disappear leaving Ralph and Flora wondering who ate the unlucky one.

The illustrations are fairly simple but boldly drawn and brightly coloured to attract children’s attention. The various groupings of beans are easily displayed and easy to understand.

Great way to introduce the concept of division to the primary grades.

Check out the author’s website for some math, art and language arts activities for this book.


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