Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movie magic

Have you heard about the 90-second Newbery Video Contest?
If not, you should continue reading.

This is a contest proposed by children’s author, James Kennedy that challenges the public to compress the premise of any Newbery winner or honour book into a video of 90-seconds.  Let the fun begin.

Visit his website for details on how to enter the contest and what it entails. But even better, continue scrolling down this page until you see his list of posts about last year’s contest.  Within this list are many of the videos that were entered.  Some of them are brilliant.  Can’t say that I’ve watched all of them but I’m working on it.

Many of the videos have been posted on YouTube and if you search ‘90-second newbery’ you will retrieve a good number of them.

One of my favourites (so far) is this particular version of The Graveyard by Neil Gaimon.  The silent film era styling is really well done. Good creepy atmosphere.

Perhaps you'll be inspired to try your hand at creating your own winner.


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