Monday, February 20, 2012

North or bust

North: the amazing story of Arctic migration by Nick Dowson (591.568 DoN 2011 PIC BK) presents an overview of the migration of birds and animals back to the Arctic every spring and summer.

This beautifully illustrated book (by Patrick Benson) starts in the dead of winter when few creatures are active.  Polar bears and arctic foxes are two exceptions.  But as daylight and warmth increase daily the landscape begins to once again grow, enticing many species to come north to feed and breed.

Gray whales, terns, jaegers, godwits, snow geese, white cranes, caribou, gray wolves, walruses, silver herring, and narwhal and bowhead whales are the featured migrating species.

The book is slightly oversized giving the illustrations prominence especially on the wordless, double pages.  The text is poetic and creates an almost romantic sensibility about this annual event.  Animals are drawn from far away and, at any cost, will attempt to forge their way ever northward.  Not a super realistic depiction but one that will provide an introduction to this occurrence.

Suggested for grades 3 to 6.


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