Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting their man

We are introduced to Adolf Eichmann, a top Nazi official responsible for the collection and transportation of Jews from around Europe ultimately contributing to millions of people dying horrific deaths.  After Germany concedes defeat at the end of World War II, Eichmann was a wanted man.  He eventually made it to Argentina and established a new life there.   This new life was anything but glamorous.  With very little money, he and his family lived in poor quarters.

In fact, that Eichmann was seemingly poverty stricken fooled the Israelis into thinking this was not the man they sought.  Eventually, with enough surveillance they confirm his identity.

And, so the suspense begins to build.  Will Eichmann escape again? How will Israelis secret service agents capture him? How will they get him to Israel without tipping off the Argentine government? Will they get him to Israel to stand trial? Will Holocaust survivors get justice?

The extreme lengths that the Israelis went to, to capture their man is an amazing and fascinating read.  A lot seems to happen in 219 pages interspersed with lots of photographs throughout.  The book is well researched and each chapter has a comprehensive number of footnotes to support it.

I highly recommend this for grades 9 and up.  Adults with an interest in World War II will be impressed with this one.

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Linda B said...

Just bought this at our book fair & hope to read it soon-I know it will be good! Thanks for the review! And, happy Thanksgiving too!

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