Monday, July 3, 2017

Summertime Reading - Novels

Here is the last of my summertime reading lists.  There really are just too many titles to recommend. I've tried to give a few of my favourites that will appeal to various age groups.

Happy reading, Everyone!

Early Readers

Lulu's Mysterious Mission by Judith Viorst
What's worse than being stuck at some relatives for the holidays? Being left behind while your folks go on vacation without you AND having a babysitter with some pretty weird/mysterious/awesome skills. Humorous.

Hamster Princess (series) by Ursula Vernon
A kick-ass princess who has the wit and will to out-do a curse-spewing (not the swearing/profanity kind. The other kind.) fairy. Great adventures, lots of illustrations and humour.

Clementine (series) by Sara Pennypacker
Any of the books featuring Clementine and her family are wonderful dealing with regular trials and tribulations of everyday life. Warm and cozy reading awaits when you get to know these characters.

Frank Einstein (series) by Jon Scieszka
Over-the-top antics for a technological genius, Frank, outwitting his arch nemisis T. Edison.
Super goofy. 

Middle Grade Readers

Ghost by Jason Reynolds
I highly recommend this story of a boy overcoming his background, trying new things and taking responsibility for his decisions. Terrific character development and very likable young people.

The Inquisitor's Tale: Or, the Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog by Adam Gidwitz
This historical adventure had an interesting delivery with different narrators sharing their parts of the story to comprise an interesting narrative. Lots of action.

In the Steps of Crazy Horse by Joseph Marshall
An inter-generational story of a road trip that explores the history of a grandfather and grandson who are Lakota. Highly recommended. 

Countdown by Deborah Wiles
It's 1962 and the  Cuban Missile Crisis has everyone on edge awaiting the outcome of tense negotiations. These tensions are reflected in the everyday interactions of Franny's relationships with her family and friends. Again, the delivery of the story, interspersed with photos, news articles, songs from the 60s, and other pop culture pieces really adds to the story. 

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage
The quirky cast of characters, the slow summertime pacing of hot days and kids running around 'solving' a mystery is perfectly done in this book. 

Rhyme Schemer by K.A. Holt

A narrative-in-verse story of a troublemaker and bully who has the tables turned on him, as he becomes a target himself. He deals with his situation through his love of poetry and support of a teacher.

YA/Secondary Readers

The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein
This will be of interest to fans of Code Name Verity. Readers are given more of Julia's story growing up in a fairly privileged household. She's still working out who she is against the backdrop of a mystery. Very well written.

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
A survival-in-the-wilderness story populated by yes, beauty pageant contestants, shirtless pirates and some evil-doers. Turns out to be good fun working with stereotypes and against stereotypes as the girls figure out how to cope without all the necessities of life. Commercial breaks are interspersed and provide lots of social commentary. Great fun.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman
Fantasy/sci-fi world where death has been conquered and no one dies unless one of those selected to be a scythe pays you a visit and kills you. Two reluctant, apprentice scythes learn what it takes to kill but all the responsibilities that go with unlimited power. Gripping story and very violent.


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