Monday, March 19, 2018

PBA: Pinterest board ALERT!

Just a quick reminder to everyone out there about the Doucette Library’s Pinterest page.
This page includes numerous boards that support the Alberta Education curriculum but can support any kind of teaching depending on the topic.

Here’s the link for all the boards:

If you’re teaching about plant and growth and in Alberta then you’re teaching grade 4 science and you can consult this board ( to see what resources the Doucette Library has to support it.  If you’re not in Alberta, I think there is enough here that would useful for others to consult, as well.

What I’ve worked on so far:

**Social studies grades 1-9;
**Science grades 1-8 (9 is coming soon);
**Math grades 1-6 organized according to board mathematical concept;

 and many topical boards based on requests from the education program’s students such as LGBTQ resources, picture books for older readers, resources for STEM, activists and activism, funny books, fractured fairy tales,  and indigenous education.

I’m sending out the reminder because I’ve just added to new boards for English language arts (ELA).  These two boards compile titles of books with strong leads or good beginnings and literary devices.  These came about because students had asked for recommendations for both of these kinds of books and as a reference librarian it’s a time consuming request. This time I decided to record the work as Pinterest boards. I’ve also asked Paula Hollohan, coworker and guest blogger, to contribute to the boards to have a couple of different points of view.

Take a look and let me know if you have some suggestions of books to add. I’m always open to suggestions.


Morgan W said...

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for all your work curating resources for us! I was on your Pinterest page to look for social studies resources and it did not show any social studies boards except the Indigenous Education boards? I have been to your page before and have seen several science and social boards but they are not there - just wondering if you took them down?

I was hoping to find some resources on Acadian culture.


Tammy Flanders said...

Hi Morgan.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm glad you're finding the Pinterest boards useful. I'm not sure why the social studies boards are not appearing for you. They are there and visible to me. There are boards supporting the grade 2 social studies topics including a few for the Acadians. Here's the link to one of them:
I hope this helps.

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