Monday, January 21, 2019

Dear Early Childhood Educators-to-be,

Dear Early Childhood Educators-to-be,

Today is your lucky day because you get to have a class that will focus on

The Wonderful World of Children’s Literature.

As a children’s literature enthusiast, it’s always difficult for me to only feature a few books. The motto I live by is – The More, The Better. But sometimes it’s just not realistic.  So I’m going to do my very best to highlight a few that will get you excited and inspired to go out there and read, read, read as many kids’ books as you can.


by Mary Hoffman

And, the people who love kid's books are like a family. We all have our quirks but we are united in our passion.  WELCOME!

I'm often asked, "How do I find such 'cool' resources?"

Unfortunately, I have no one source for finding 'cool' resources. I look for recommendations from multiple sources - people, blogs, review journals, bookstores, publisher's websites and catalogs, webinars, GoodReads, and any other source that talks about kid's books. Everywhere and anywhere.

Part of what students are asking about, however,  is a combination of the book being 'cool'  and my enthusiasm for it. My enthusiasm can be contagious which is one of my aims.

by Amy Krous Rosenthal
by Ben Hillman

I find books that intrigue and inspire me, 

make me gasp with wonder,
Philippe Martin

by Mark Sommerset

make me smile, chuckle, and belly laugh, 

by Alison Gear

make me sigh,

by Melanie Florence

make me sad or cry,

by Jo Empson

makes me think,

by Kirsten Larson

or gross me out

or makes me go, "Hmmm...

I'm always on the look out for books that are highly visual (I love you, Coffee Table Books), beautifully written or introduce me to something I don't know about. I want books to connect to the real world and tell me what life is like for other people in the past and in the present. I want a story to captivate it's audience when it's being read out loud.

When a book gives me a tingling feeling I know I've got a winner. Even if I'm not sure exactly how I'll use it in workshops or recommend it to students or where it might connect to the curriculum, I'll still get it. I KNOW that I will find a place for it because it has a quality that makes it stand out. And that's important.

So, go forth and read, read, read.  I hope you find those books that give you that tingling feeling because if you've been hooked by it then chances are so will your students.  Remember enthusiasm is contagious.

Happy reading, Everyone.



Unknown said...

Thanks for the Great list of children's books! These are definitely some titles I'll check out and read with my children.

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