Monday, August 23, 2010

Do! What You Will! - Nonfiction Monday


I’ve another fantastic, handmade book from the publisher Tara to recommend.  It’s Do! by Gita Wolf, Ramesh Hengadi and Shantaram Dhadpe (954 WoD 2009 PIC BK).

Like their book Tsunami! (include link), I think that Do! presents many opportunities for classroom use.

Using very simplistic human and animals figures based on traditional Warli tribal art from Western India, action words such as pull, farm, fight, carry, play and read (just a few) are enacted within a village setting.  For example 'work’ depicts men and women doing various tasks from making fish traps and harvesting and collecting food, to making clay pots, as well as a few activities I’m uncertain about.  ‘Dance’ beautifully displays two curving lines of dancers spiraling in circles with musicians and spectators gathered around.

The illustration style embodies movement, which is what inspired the authors originally.  Traditionally everyday activities, special events and stories are recorded in this way (more typically as murals on the walls of their homes) that captures the dynamic quality of people and animals moving about.

What an interesting way to look at rural life in India (Alberta social studies curriculum for grade 3), Indian art, narrative and pictorial forms of storytelling, and of course, language arts.  The beautiful ‘feel’ of this book is also in its making which is all done by hand (silkscreened, typeset and bound) on recycled kraft paper.  Another one of those books ‘where less is more.’  Wonderfully do-ne!

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