Monday, October 11, 2010

Internet support for Groundwork Guides

I’ve just had it drawn to my attention that a fantastic series of nonfiction books published by Groundwood Books, called Groundwork Guides, now have free down-loadable teacher’s guides available on the Internet.

I can’t say enough good things about the Groundwork Guides. They cover a range of topics from climate change, the oil industry, democracy, imperialism, news and media, hip hop, growth and development of cities, sex and pornography, technology to contemporary surveys of slavery and genocide, appropriate for grades 10/11 and up.

As you can see, they tackle many of the big topics that we see time and again in the news but done in a tone that lays out the facts in a respectful, informative and causal manner that will appeal to teens.  Now, I haven’t read all of the guides but have skipped through many of them and have read at least two more thoroughly.  I’ve found the texts provide very succinct and authoritative overviews on each of their topics.  At least one of these, Sex for Guys is used in Ontario schools for sex education. CBC News ran a feature on the book, interviewing young men who had read it and who liked its straightforward manner, telling them what they want to know.

Check out the Groundwood website for the short guides, usually 12 pages that typically included discussion questions and activities, suggestions for instructional approaches, and cross-curricular connections. 


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