Thursday, July 15, 2010

Journal entry #2 : Legacy – the journey begins…

Okay, been doing some mulling and brainstorming about this idea of legacy.  Poking around on the internet, too.  You never know what might spark an idea.  So far, I’ve got a bunch of roughed out ideas, questions, words, scribbled on a piece of paper becoming more cluttered all the time.  I really should start with a much bigger piece of paper.  You’d think I learn …

Random thoughts:

definition - something left behind due to a 'leave-taking', death, or departure; something big that goes beyond us and extends into the future
       (typically related to death - How will school handle this? Sensitive issue?)

    : intentional vs. unintentional
    :good and bad legacies
    :What constitutes legacy:
        -possessions, money, personal narratives, spiritual legacies
        (values, hopes, wishes, advice, etc.)
    :Does age or identity play into creating a legacy?
    :opposite of legacy - consequences - worth exploring?
    :What does legacy mean for those who receive or benefit from...?
    :How do legacies change over time? Static vs dynamic
    :Is it important to leave a legacy?
    :Legacy vs consequences/after effects - Are they the same or different?
        Is it a matter of intention?
    :"Lasting legacies" - Does this mean legacies don't last?
    :start with dreams vs. start with planning legacy
    :How is the word legacy used? In everyday conversation? Media?
        Politics? Religion? Science? Art?


specifics                     : people
       Ruby Bridges, Nelson Mandela, Craig Keilburger, Mother Theresa, Wangari, One Hen guy, Hitler, Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau, Obama, Prophet Mohammad, Julius Caesar, Louis Riel, Henry VIII, John A. MacDonald, Hana Brady, Hannah (Ladybug Foundation), David Suzuki

: situations
                                        Holocaust, WWI, WWII, environmental issues, tsunami, consumerism, nuclear war, Pier 21, multiculturalism, politics, business, 9/11, civil rights movement, slavery, TV, residential schools, apartheid, plagues, public education, industrialization, globalization, revolutions, scientific ideas, artistic ideas, social movements, feminism, imperialism

So far…


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