Thursday, May 10, 2012

List of good books in the making – please help

So, I was updating my Goodreads list when I noticed a side box promoting different topical lists created by Goodreaders readers.  Microhistories – Sweeping Social Histories of Just One Thing jumped out at me.

I love this kind of book.  Lots of detailed information about a specific item, person or event with additional insights about its impact or broader implications over time.  My most recent adult favourite example is Home: a short history of private life by Bill Bryson (which made the list).

But what about books for kids with the same kind of parameters?  I couldn’t find any such list on Goodreads so, I’ve started my own.

Please check out Microhistories for Juveniles – Social History of Things, Events and People.  I’m listing my favourite kids’ books that encompass this idea of exploring how one thing can be of major significance in a really big way for many people over a long period of time.  The book I led off with is Sugar Changed the World by Marc Aronson.  I blogged about this one a while back and listed my reasons why I love this book.  Great narrative with lots of history and connections with social issues even today.

I’d be thrilled to have others added to this list.  I’m hoping to discover more such books through this list for both the Doucette Library and myself. Just click on the above link and add away.

If you don’t belong to Goodreads, and don’t want to join, but have a recommendation, please leave it in the comments box and I’ll add it for you.


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