Monday, December 22, 2014

The foodie edition

Okay, with Christmas just around the corner a good part of my time is wrapped up with food – reading recipes, planning meals,  grocery shopping, going out with friends for meals, baking, eating, eating and more eating – you get the picture.

So, I got to thinking, what would a Christmas day meal look like based on children’s books titles?

Here’s what I've come up with:


       Dancing Pancakes (Spinelli) 

          OR Unlucky Charms (Rex)


       Nuts to You (Perkins)  


  Toads on Toast (Bailey)

Christmas dinner:

       Octopus Soup (Mayer)

    Tumbleweed Stew (Crummel)

   Creepy Carrots (Reynolds)

       Little Green Peas (Baker)

        Mice and Beans (Ryan)


        Ugly Pie (Wheeler) 


   Sweet Dream Pie (Wood)


   Fortune Cookies of Weevil (Reynolds) .

 (I just couldn't make up my mind.)


 I’d serve  Everything on a Waffle (Horvath) – of course.

Not necessarily traditional Christmas fare but it would give guests lots to talk about.

How about you?  Any ideas for your perfect holiday meal?

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Unknown said...

I will check some of these titles out at my next library visit, thanks! I have not heard of these but they look like good reads...

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