Monday, December 22, 2014

The foodie edition

Okay, with Christmas just around the corner a good part of my time is wrapped up with food – reading recipes, planning meals,  grocery shopping, going out with friends for meals, baking, eating, eating and more eating – you get the picture.

So, I got to thinking, what would a Christmas day meal look like based on children’s books titles?

Here’s what I've come up with:


       Dancing Pancakes (Spinelli) 

          OR Unlucky Charms (Rex)


       Nuts to You (Perkins)  


  Toads on Toast (Bailey)

Christmas dinner:

       Octopus Soup (Mayer)

    Tumbleweed Stew (Crummel)

   Creepy Carrots (Reynolds)

       Little Green Peas (Baker)

        Mice and Beans (Ryan)


        Ugly Pie (Wheeler) 


   Sweet Dream Pie (Wood)


   Fortune Cookies of Weevil (Reynolds) .

 (I just couldn't make up my mind.)


 I’d serve  Everything on a Waffle (Horvath) – of course.

Not necessarily traditional Christmas fare but it would give guests lots to talk about.

How about you?  Any ideas for your perfect holiday meal?

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Rachael Fernandez said...

I will check some of these titles out at my next library visit, thanks! I have not heard of these but they look like good reads...

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