Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Connecting Ideas to Resources - Food

The Recipe

Start with --
1 Hungry Planet resource kit 
 (641.3 Hu 2007 A/V)

1  Chew On This
(394.12 SCC 2006) 
1   DVD, World According to Monsanto
(363.19 WO 2008 DVD)

Toss in for eyebrow-raising flavour –
1   Man Eating Bugs
(394.1 MEM 1998)

Don’t forget to blend with –
1    Big Ideas : Linking Food, Culture,
Health, and the Environment
(641.3 Bi 2008)

Whip in last –
1 to 6 books about fair trade and
(see 382’s, 303.482 and 658.827 NoL 2003 DVD)
-learn what people around the world eat and how much (or little as the case may be)
- great connections to math and social studies

-learn how the food industry has impacted technology, affecting our everyday lives for better and worse.

-this will be one of ‘those’ provocative books that will gross out and draw kids in at the same time.
- includes all levels K-12

-making cross-curricular connections for you between social studies and science.

-take it a step further by including grade appropriate resources that will engage both geographic and historical thinking skills (part of Alberta Education’s program of studies for social studies)
Sit back and enjoy a varied and highly interesting perspective of the world, the food we eat, who has access to what kinds of foods and who controls it, globally.
Cross curricular opportunities will provide a satisfying, richly textured unit.

Serves one class.


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