Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great list of resources …You need to know about this!

Earlier this week I discovered a blogging event where teachers, who  specialize in classroom literacy and are passionate about children’s literature, were asked to compile lists of 10 picture books that they could not live without.  I don’t know how they did it.  Only 10!  I’ve tried this exercise and haven’t been able to do it.

What a fantastic list of blogs to have discovered  and know that I'll be following a few of them from here on out.

As for the lists, they were a treat to read  (almost 40 bloggers participated) encompassing a diversity of tastes including  fiction and some nonfiction, from award winners to small press runs.  It was wonderful to see great classics such as William Steig, Eric Carle, Chris Van Allsburg, and Cynthia Rylant, mentioned. A few listed Canadian authors, such as Barbara Reid, Melanie Watt and Laurel Croza.  Others took a more specified approach and focused on books for boys, books representing First Nations peoples or African-Americans.

I was reminded of some long-time favorites (Fly away home; Sister Anne’s hands; Red Parka Mary), some very recent favs (Chalk; My people; 14 cows for America) and some new must haves (Dogku; The watertower; Big plans; and Punk Farm on tour).

Really, you must check this out.  Visit Reflect and Refine: Building  and spend some quality time perusing this fine posting, August 10 for 10.


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