Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Journal entry #4 - More about legacy

I’m starting to think a little more concretely about the big idea ‘legacy,’ in terms of actual books which may or may not have a direct connection to the curriculum.

Some of the titles I’m considering so far:
100 suns: 1945-1962 by Michael Light (355.825119 LIO 2003)
The first time: innovations in art by Florian Heine (709 HeF 2007)
Eye for color: the story of Josef Albers by Natasha Wind (709.2 WiE 2009 PIC BK
Dream: a tale of wonder, wisdom and wishes by Susan V. Bosak (813.6 BoD 2004)
One hen: how one small loan made a big difference by Katie Smith Milway (823 M648O PIC BK)
Besa: Muslims who saved Jews in World War II by Norman Gershman (940.5318 GEB 2008)
Pier 21: gateway of hope by Linda Granfield (971.6225 GRP 2000)
The Librarian of Basra: a true story from Iraq by Jeanette Winter (020.92 WIL 2005 PIC BK)
Planting the trees of Kenya: the story of Wangari Maathai (333.72092 NIP 2008 PIC BK)
14 cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy (327.676 DEF 2009 PIC BK)
Peaceful heroes by Jonah Winter (303.66 WIP 2009)
Listen to the wind: the story of Dr. Greg and Three cups of tea by Greg Mortenson (303.66 WIP 2009)
Hitler youth: growing up in Hitler’s shadow by Susan Campbell Bartoletti (943.086 BAH 2005).

Not a lot of fiction and most of this is pretty lofty in terms of positive legacies (with the exception of Hitler Youth.) I’m also noticing that most books don’t refer to people being motivated to leave a legacy but being driven to improve life in some way. And this is okay.  Books don’t have to directly link to the big idea.  They can be the bridge that enables the teacher to direct the students thinking.  Sometimes implicit works even better then more explicit books.

Any thoughts out there about any of this?
Read any books lately addressing the big idea of legacy?
Want to share?


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