Thursday, August 5, 2010

International Day of Indigenous People – August 9/10

This year’s theme is focused around HIV/AIDS. 

I have one suggestion that ties directly to the theme and is by Canadian authors, Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden: The Gathering Tree (823 L957G PIC BK)

Though very pointed in its purpose, illustrating the importance of creating awareness among First Nations peoples about HIV/AIDS, the story also demonstrates the power of community and tradition.  Robert, a young man, returns to his community from the city to attend an annual community gathering.  At the invitation of the community’s elders, he bravely tells of his condition and that he wishes to help people understand more about the virus and how to prevent it. Within the story itself, there are details as to how Robert contracts the virus but it does give assurances about how people will not ‘catch’ it.

There are pages at the end of the book providing additional information about the importance of awareness, prevention and family/community support.  Questions that children could ask are also answered providing, a great deal of information about HIV and AIDS.

For additional information check out Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Program .


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